Kristi B. "Shifty Babu" - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

 Back in 1990 I purchased Shifty.   He'd just retired from his thoroughbred racing career.   He was about 6yrs old.   Used him for working cattle on friends ranch in eastern OR.   He loved that.  No fear.   Then had to move back to Bend, OR.   In 1994, a local feed store suggested trying Equerry's supplement.   In about 2 weeks, he was feeling like a young colt.   Very active.   Over the years went to the different formulas of Equerry's depending on what he needed and his age.   Probably at least 15yrs ago, put him on the Equerry's Combined RX.     He is still on that today.  With the Combined RX, I've always given 2 scoops of MSM daily on his grain.  In May of 2018 he will be turning 35 yrs old.   Over the years, he's had pneumonia, 2 eye surgeries, a mild stroke that effected R. R. leg, but, doesn't keep him from running in his pasture, choked and a few other things.  Shifty lays down in pasture to nap.   When he gets up he races around the pasture to celebrate.  He always rallies.   I always keep a positive attitude about him.   Shifty is always a gentleman at 16.2 hands 1000lbs.  This year I will have owned him for 29 yrs.   He's a one in a million.   Temperment outstanding.   His veterinarians, at Bend Equine, love him so much, they threw a birthday party for him at the clinic when he turned 30 yrs old.   People who don't know his age guess he's not over 20yrs old.   Very surprised when I tell them how old he is.   I also tell them he looks and feels as good as he does because of the Equerry's products over the years.   I give him lots of hugs and kisses everyday. 

Kristi Baldini

Bend OR. 

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Aleka Scott - Tuesday, December 26, 2017

 WE love Spunky Level 2.  When my big (95 lb) yellow lab was 12, I thought he was weeks from death.  He was very arthritic, had very limited mobility, and was in a lot of pain.  We started giving him Spunky Level 2 and he lived to 15 years old and regained mobility.  I credit and thank you for your product.  I tell everyone I know about it!  

Aleka Scott

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Shalimar & Ashley Johnson - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

 Testimonial for ProThrive...


Although ProThrive is marketed and labeled for dogs; my cats will be lifetime ProThrive users. It’s perfectly safe and healthy for cats!! After spending thousands of dollars at the vet when one of my cats became very ill with vomiting and bloody diarrhea, we were able to determine my cat had IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and a possible food allergy from what we were feeding her. We have always fed our cats a high quality protein, grain free canned/wet food only diet. After changing their protein source from chicken to rabbit (we determined she is allergic to chicken) and adding ProThrive to each meal (about 1/4 teaspoon per meal)... ALL of our cats (not just our IBD kitty) are doing amazing!! They all have perfect and healthy poop.. no more cow patties or diarrhea in the litter box ... and no more foul smelling stool either! They all (especially our IBD kitty) have increased energy, soft coats, and happy bowels! I can’t thank Animal Health Solutions enough for having ProThrive available. I do and will continue to recommend this product to ANYONE who has a pet!!! 


Thank you!


Shalimar & Ashley Johnson

Owners of 5 healthy & happy felines (DeeDee, Noodle, Sarge, Belle & LuLu)

Hemet, CA

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Bridget Campbell - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

 I have used Equerry's products for many years on other horses. My mare, Diesel, has been on Equerry's Plus and Angel Maker since I got her, three years ago. This summer I have added Electro-Probiotic Paste for our traveling schedule. It has helped her consume more water while on the road. Overall, Animal Health Solutions and Equerry's provide the foundation to her dietary needs to allow her to perform at her best. Thank you for providing excellent products for my horse!


Bridget Campbell

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Matt and Alicia Goodson - Tuesday, October 03, 2017

 We are back from a great show at the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity.  Like many equine athletes, our cow horses have suffered from ulcers, and extreme anxiety while on the road. Two weeks prior to heading to Reno,  we were introduced to their product " Angel Maker", and put all the horses going on their supplement.   We have been using Equerry products for over two years, so we were excited to see how "Angel Maker" would help our horses.  There has never been a show that our aged mare hasn't gone off feed, screamed, and paced in her stall  continuously, which has enabled her to perform to the best of her ability. The first night in Reno, all of our horses were relaxed, eating well,  our anxious mare was calm, and this continued the entire week.  We certainly feel as though the credit goes to "Angle Maker", and the icing on the cake was our mare was the Reserve ltd Open Bridle Champion. Thank you Equerry's for an amazing product that works. "   Matt Goodson Bridle Horses will never leave home without "Angel Maker".


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Matt and Alicia Goodson

Matt Goodson Bridle Horses

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Deb "The Animal Nanny" - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

(This is my first exposure to Equerry’s products.)

“Wow! I did not see this coming.”

After sending 20 days UPDATE photos to Veterinarians (3) on emaciated ‘confiscation’ Stallion, having already tied up 20 days prior, poor swallowing mechanism from starvation, etc.

 The stallion arrived on a Thursday, weight guess: under 800lbs on an 1100lb frame. Putting him on soupy mash recipe for swallowing and absorption concerns, and having hardly got out hands on him before seeing a llama on the next property put him through the roof! Once in a chance problem on their side of the fence the stallion was spent> Tied up and micro-managed pain relief treatments for fear of renal failure. Boy, were we in trouble.

 “Prognosis is NOT good.” His muscles are so damaged they most likely, if he survives.

 Today is 25 days and BAM! We had high daily temperatures, Stallion separation anxiety from a companion mare (mid cycle), emancipated/drapey beat up hide, compact colic… You name it! (Foregoing the description of fatigue brought on by knee, elbow, stifle and hocks ULCERS from boney points going up and down, Poor poor fellow.

Your product was gifted to this horse by one of the helpful minions who rides ENDURANCE Competitively. The “llama-bomb” went off on Memorial Day weekend 2015, we could not get a Vet until the following evening.

 EQUERRY’S in senior pellets mad sloppy, Water/electrolytes, water/electrolytes, water/electrolytes.

This shiny boy survived possibly the worst first week of his life and experienced possibly the best month of his 6 ½ year old life of neglect.

 His mindset is foal-like with a will to live, AND now the body of a HORSE!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!

 My property will never be without EQUERRY’S!!

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Lonna in Oregon - Friday, March 06, 2015

Loving Owner of Moose

I am writing to express my pleasure with the Equerry's economy Supplement. I am a professional CHA Certified Riding Instructor and horse trainer located in Springfield, Or. I have four lesson horses in my program , as well as, a couple personally owned.

Over the last 20 years, my family and I have lost 4, highly competitive and expensive horses to colic. Needless to say, I have lived through tremendous loss and am very aware of the levity and mystery of colic.

In October, I purchased a 6 year old AQHA gelding originally from Southern California, originally from Texas, that had never been in 50 degree weather. He did not handle the travel well and was not drinking much. He left 90 degree weather and arrived in Oregon to sheets of rain and a thunderstorm. He refused to drink our Oregon water and was in a lot of shock. The next 2 weeks were very tumultutous. Five vet visits, $2000, and a lot of heartache and anxiety later I decided to try daily electrolytes and probiotics to help his digestive system adjust. After sitting in the aisle at Wilco, comparing labels of every supplement they had I decided to try Equerry's Economy Supplement. It contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals , electrolytes, and probiotics than any other product in that price range or even for more money.

I began feeding Moose Equerry''s. Within 3 days, his water intake had quadrupled!!! Upon this discovery, all of my lesson horse went on it too! They all immediately quadrupled their water intake. As we know, Oregon winters are prime comic weather due to lack of hydration.

in 25 years of handling horses, I have never been so pleased with a product and seen such results. Moose has not had anymore colic episodes since starting him on Equerry's. I oftern have clients and boarders in our barn asking me about supplements. I recommend Equerry's every time and have converted several people to Equerry;s from the competetion.

Thank you Equerry's for a product that WORKS at an affordable price!!! My mind rests slightly easiter in the winter now.




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Kristi in Oregon - Friday, May 23, 2014

Loving Owner of Shifty

Hi Equerry's Staff,

My TB horse, Shifty Babu, is having a special birthday this May. He will be 31 years "young". He is a retired racehorse, running 44 races in his career. I've had Shifty since he was 7 years old. Shifty has been on Equerry's products since 1995 and I have been feeding your Combined RX, specifically, for the last 3 years. He is very active and affectionate . My neighbors and mailman love to stop and visit him when he is out in the pasture. He runs and kicks up his heals and smiles ear to ear. He looks great and has been able to overcome a bout with pneumonia and an eye surgury with complete success. Shifty's vet staff guess he'll make it to 40! Equerry's products have helped keep Shifty in top form in his senior years. He is happy and healthy and MUCH loved!

I also have 3 dogs, aged 12, 11, and 9 years. They have been on your Spunky product their whole lives. Two years ago, my feed store suggested they be switched up to Spunky Level II. It took about 2 weeks and they were all acting like puppies! They love to run and play and be silly. 

I couldn't make it without my beloved animals! Thank you Equerry's for helping me to give them all a healthy happy life.

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Kristi in Oregon - Thursday, April 24, 2014

 Loving dog and horse owner

What I'd like to tell you about Spunky is that we decided to try Spunky after the good results we had with the equine products for our senior horses. We started out with the smaller measurement daily. For my Irish Setter show dog, I decided to start giving her the full suggested measurement. After not too long of a time, her coat color became darker, softer, and richer looking. She is fed a premium dry dog food and the Spunky helps her body to use the nutrition in her dry food more efficiently. Others have also noticed the change in her and she feels great!

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Teri in Oregon - Thursday, April 24, 2014

 Loving Owner of Ari

I have to tell you how wonderful I think Spunky Level II is! My Ari has been on it for two weeks. He had been on Metacam, an anti-inflammatory, for over a year and doing pretty well. I never felt easy about giving him so much medication for so long though. i tried a number of times to stop it, but he really needed it. Well, he is now totally off the Metacam and doing just fine and I am much more at ease with how he is doing without medication. Thank you so much for introducing us to Spunky Level II!

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