Testimonial posts of '2015' 'July'

Deb "The Animal Nanny" - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

(This is my first exposure to Equerry’s products.)

“Wow! I did not see this coming.”

After sending 20 days UPDATE photos to Veterinarians (3) on emaciated ‘confiscation’ Stallion, having already tied up 20 days prior, poor swallowing mechanism from starvation, etc.

 The stallion arrived on a Thursday, weight guess: under 800lbs on an 1100lb frame. Putting him on soupy mash recipe for swallowing and absorption concerns, and having hardly got out hands on him before seeing a llama on the next property put him through the roof! Once in a chance problem on their side of the fence the stallion was spent> Tied up and micro-managed pain relief treatments for fear of renal failure. Boy, were we in trouble.

 “Prognosis is NOT good.” His muscles are so damaged they most likely, if he survives.

 Today is 25 days and BAM! We had high daily temperatures, Stallion separation anxiety from a companion mare (mid cycle), emancipated/drapey beat up hide, compact colic… You name it! (Foregoing the description of fatigue brought on by knee, elbow, stifle and hocks ULCERS from boney points going up and down, Poor poor fellow.

Your product was gifted to this horse by one of the helpful minions who rides ENDURANCE Competitively. The “llama-bomb” went off on Memorial Day weekend 2015, we could not get a Vet until the following evening.

 EQUERRY’S in senior pellets mad sloppy, Water/electrolytes, water/electrolytes, water/electrolytes.

This shiny boy survived possibly the worst first week of his life and experienced possibly the best month of his 6 ½ year old life of neglect.

 His mindset is foal-like with a will to live, AND now the body of a HORSE!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!

 My property will never be without EQUERRY’S!!

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