Tania in California

President/Founder Mustang-Spirit.org

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you guys for helping my 4 year old gelding at the Pomona Horse Expo this weekend.  This was his 1st outing and he was very stressed and had stopped drinking and I was very worried about him.  After asking 2 buildings worth of vendors if anyone had anything to help him, I came upon your booth. Everyone was so nice and one of the gentlemen gave me 3 tubes of the Equerry’s Probiotic/Electrolytes Paste.  About 30 minutes after I gave him the product as suggested, my horse started to drink his water. By morning he looked SOOO much better! We made it through the weekend and he was able to complete his colt clinic because of your help & awesome product!  Had I not found your booth, I honestly think I would have had to pull out of the clinic and take him home.  I am forever grateful!!! 

February 2014