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Angel Maker

Picture of Angel Maker
Our Angel Maker is a blend of Microencapsulated probiotics, Digestive enzymes, and Ground Organic Raspberry Leaves. This is the perfect formula for stallions, mares or broodmares with above average stress, from shows, pregnancy or other upsetting situations.
From $33.60 (USD)

Equerry’s™ Choice Pellet

Picture of Equerry’s™ Choice Pellet
Equerry’s™ Choice is a Microencapsulated Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme blend that includes a broad spectrum of proteinated minerals, chellated minerals and vitamins, including Organic Selenium, in a highly palatable pellet for easy feeding.
From $38.18 (USD)

Equerry’s™ Combined Rx 4-Way

Picture of Equerry’s™ Combined Rx 4-Way
Nutrition supplement designed to help the horse in a variety of areas.
From $88.64 (USD)

Equerry’s™ Economy Supplement

Picture of Equerry’s™ Economy Supplement
“Just the Basics Equine Supplement” Equerry’s™ Economy Supplement is a very economical way to provide Microencapsulated Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, and a small amount of vitamins and minerals for your “Horse at Rest”.
From $39.07 (USD)

Equerry’s™ Large Animal Probiotic

Picture of Equerry’s™ Large Animal Probiotic
Can be fed to all species of Animals. Our Large Animal Probiotics contains the highest quality of Microencapsulated Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes available. Our Large Animal Probiotics contain no additional Vitamins and Minerals; therefore they can be added to any feeding program without the fear of over supplementation
From $30.20 (USD)

Equerry’s™ Plus Meal

Picture of Equerry’s™ Plus Meal
Equerry’s™ Plus is a valuable blend of Microencapsulated Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes. This mixture includes live Yeast Culture, a broad spectrum of proteinated and chellated minerals, vitamins, and our beneficial organic Selenium, in a highly palatable meal for easy feeding.
From $38.18 (USD)

Equerry’s™ Professional Hoof-Gro

Picture of Equerry’s™ Professional Hoof-Gro
Equerry’s™ Professional Hoof-Gro is a unique blend of Microencapsulated Probiotics, digestive enzymes, Biotin, Zinc and Methionine specifically designed to assist your horse with assimilation of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to improve hoof health.
From $49.58 (USD)

Equerry’s™Glucosamine Pellet

Picture of Equerry’s™Glucosamine Pellet
Equerry’s™ Glucosamine Pellet is a superior pelleted supplement for your horse that goes beyond daily maintenance and provides support for proper joint structure and function, promoting health and longevity. This nutritional support is effective in prevention of arthritic symptoms within the joints, normally caused by hard use and natural aging.
From $50.38 (USD)

Equerry's™ Recoup

Picture of Equerry's™ Recoup
Recoup helps Horses recover from strenuous activity.
From $54.33 (USD)

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