Formulated to be fed to dogs of all ages and breeds. It contains our highest level of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Glucosamine, and Yucca. Feeding ProThrive daily improves the dogs digestive health. Improving the digestive tract also helps to improve the dog's overall immune system.
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ProThrive for Dogs ProThrive is a blend of Microencapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes, Prebiotics, Glucosamine and Yucca schidigera, designed to enhance your dogs overall health.

The concentrated probiotics assist with digestion, improve the immune system of the dog, and will help with overall condition of the dog.

Digestive Enzymes help the dog digest its food better, and can help with some food allergy issues.

Glucosamine will help with joint health and flexibility. Yucca works as an antioxidant and also changes the ph of the dogs urine to prevent lawn burning.

ProThrive is a great supplement to feed to your dog to keep his digestive system and immune system healthy.

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Picture of 12 oz. Bag
12 oz. Bag

12 oz. Bag - approx 25 scoops 

Price: $33.77 (USD)
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3.75 lb Bag

3.75 lb Bag - approx 100 scoops 

Price: $97.69 (USD)
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