Better Belly Paste (formally Digestive Eze Paste)

Highly Concentrated Probiotic and Nutritional Paste for Dogs and Cats. Highly palatable and effective. Perfect to be used during stressful situations such as travel, deworming and after antibiotic treatment.
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Equerry's Better Belly Paste is a blend of digestive enzymes as well as a source of live, viable naturally occuring micro-organsims.

 We recommend the use of this paste prior to whelping, antibiotic therapy, travel or at any time that you anticipate added stress to your animal companion. Stress efects the pH balance of the gut and may lead to tummy upsets and a feeling of illness.

Product Information:

  • Administer orally on the back of the tongue.
  • 2-5 grams Small Size Dogs
  • 4-10 grams Medium Size Dogs
  • 6-15 grams Large Size Dogs
  • Store in cool dry area out of the reach of direct sunlight.
  • Net Weight: 15 grams Dial a dose

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Picture of Better Belly Paste
Better Belly Paste

 15 gram tube

Price: $14.98 (USD)
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